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Web Design and Development

A good website can have a big impact.
A bad website or no website at all will have that very effect… A bad impact or no impact at all.

A Website is like a business card, brochure, magazine cover and storefront. It may often be the first thing that the public sees of your company or organisation. That means it should clearly reflect what you are trying to represent or say to people and should leave a positive impression on visitors. Also it should be helpful, provide the right information, be easy to use and understand, with good presentation all throughout.

Multimedia Integration

One of the advantages of working across the whole spectrum of arts and media is that we can combine different art forms and make them work together to create powerful results.
Websites are one of the best places where all the different art forms come together in one place. When we design a website for a client we are able to incorporate many different elements into our websites…Animation, Motion graphics, Multimedia presentations, Promotional videos, Video advertisements, Graphic designs, E-Books, Interactive features, Arranged and produced music and much more.

Website features

When we create a website, we do every part of the process thoroughly. Here is a list of features that we make sure to include in every one of our website packages.

  • Responsive capabilities – All our websites can be viewed seamlessly on computer, tablet, phone and TV.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) – So people will be able to find your website easily when they search on the internet. Many website and marketing companies are now charging a premium price to their clients for this service alone. We include this in our website packages on principal.
  • Domain name and hosting – To put it simply, your domain name is the address of your website which people will use to find it. Web hosting is the space you rent for your website on the internet. Both are necessary requirements for every website and have monthly or annual fees. Including in every website package is free domain name and hosting for one year.
  • Website maintenance-  Also included is 2 free updates for your website, which you can avail yourself of throughout the year. Any updates beyond that are only a small fee. For every consecutive year we charge a small annual fee for the upkeep of your website. It covers the cost of domain name renewal, hosting and 2 updates for that year.
Web Design and DevelopmentWeb Design and Development

Technical information

The main tool we use for web design and development is WordPress. Just under 25% of all websites on the internet are made using WordPress for very good reasons. Websites made using this platform are automatically responsive, that is they can be viewed on computer, tablet and phone seamlessly. This is absolute necessary in the age we live in because of the wide spread use of phones and tablets. For this and for other reasons our preference when designing and building websites is to use WordPress. Though if it is necessary at times, either because of the clients request or the special requirements of the project, our team is more than capable of working on different platforms and programs.