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Web Design and Development

Web Design and Development

A Website is like a business card, brochure, magazine cover and storefront. It may often be the first thing that the public sees of your company or organisation. That means it should clearly reflect what you are trying to represent or say to people and should leave a positive impression on visitors. Also it should be helpful, provide the right information, be easy to use and understand, with good presentation all throughout.

Multimedia Integration

One of the advantages of working across the whole spectrum of arts and media is that we can combine different art forms and make them work together to create powerful results…

Graphic Design Services

Graphic design is used within many types of digital arts such as web design, app design, desktop publishing, motion graphics and more.  It is often the picture frame so to speak, which another piece of art is set in yet it is also often the foundation of the very picture itself. It forms the backbone of many artistic disciplines and without it, things just fall apart.
Our company prioritized from day one when building our team, to find artists not only with appropriate training and sufficient practice in graphic design, but also with a great instinct and creative flare to produce wonderful, timely design…
graphic design services

Print and Digital Publications

Our love of books and publishing was one of the main reasons why Tzion Media was created. Whether in a print format or digital, we are able to use our skills of graphic design, typography and visual arts to produce beautiful, flawlessly designed publications. Our services in desktop publishing include the full process from design, inputting content and illustration, down to proofreading, publishing and marketing.
On the digital side of desktop publishing, we can produce all the same materials that we produce for print such as Books, Magazine, Newspaper, Newsletters,etc. but in an electronic format. It may be an exact replication of a print publication, a customized design of same publication or something all together different, produced especially as an E-publication…

Motion Graphics and Animation

Motion graphics combines graphic design, animation and cinematography. Through this art form text, images and graphic designs can come to life to tell a story or convey a message powerfully.

Animation, once associated with cartoons and fiction, is today used in so many areas and in so many forms. Using animation you can bring any object or character to life on screen and make it to act as you direct it. The only limit is your imagination…

motion graphics Creative Media Production - Tzion Media
video editing services

Video Editing

High definition and high intensity. Our video editing tools and techniques are in your service to create everything from mind stretching music videos to 1st class promo videos for your company or organisation.

Examples of video editing projects that our company can create:
Music video clips, Multimedia presentations, Promo videos for businesses and organisations, TV/Youtube advertisements, Wedding videos and videos for other special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries, Documentaries, Children’s programs, Educational and Instructional videos.

Audio Editing

High quality audio is needed in a wide variety of media and digital arts. Audio is such an intrinsic element that without it, most digital media we use everyday, would not be what it is. It is the music that creates the atmosphere and the emotion and it is the voice that produces the dialogue that embodies the content and narrative.
We run several Digital Audio Workstations (DAW), such as Pro Tools and Studio One. This gives us the ability to record and produce music and also to edit audio at the highest quality.
Audio Editing Services
app development

App Design and Development

Apps for phone, tablet and the web come in every shape, form and size. They have a million and one uses today and will have a million more uses tomorrow.

Do you have an App in mind?

Our team creates Apps for the following platforms:
Android and iOS

Computer Programming

We provide software development and programming services  to make your business run smoother and faster. We create solutions and programs that are scalable to meets  your needs.

Our team works with the following program languages:
Visual Basic, Java, C++,

software development
social media marketing

Social Media

We can help you develop a social media profile that suits your business or organization, so that you can connect and share with your audience through Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Vimeo, Tumblr or any of the many other social media sites.