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Print and Digital Publications

Our love of books and publishing was one of the main reasons why Tzion Media was created. Whether in a print format or digital, we are able to use our skills of graphic design, typography and visual arts to produce beautiful, flawlessly designed publications.

Our services in desktop publishing include the full process from design, inputting content and illustration, down to proofreading, publishing and marketing.

On the digital side of desktop publishing, we can produce all the same materials that we produce for print such as Books, Magazine, Newspaper, Newsletters,etc. but in an electronic format. It may be an exact replication of a print publication, a customized design of that same publication or something all together different, produced especially as an E-publication. All publications can be made to be view-able on a computer, TV screen, tablet or a phone. Features that can be added to make distribution easy, such as making it available to download, print, to share on social media or to re post elsewhere on the internet.
Digital publishing opens up a new frontier in regards to taking the age old format of print and adding to it the accompanying elements of audio, motion graphics, animation and video. For instance, audio can be added to the book so that it becomes not only an E-book but also an audio book that people can listen to and follow along with the words.

Literature is a timeless medium and with the onset on new technological advances there are many new possibilities for publishing.

Print and Digital Publications

Examples of desktop publishing items that our company can create:

Any kind of Book publication that you can imagine- Children’s books, Paperback, Coffee table books and other glossy books, Educational books such as Textbooks, Manuals, etc.
Also Magazines, Newspapers, Newsletters, etc